Who is Induscoal

Indus is an Indonesian coal Business listed on ASX under the code ICZ. The company’s focus is to supply thermal coal into the power generation markets of Asia. The Indonesian coal industry continues to grow in strength, with a solid production base continually being expanded and resources continually being defined. Indonesia is now the largest exporter of thermal coal in the world, having taken first place over Australia in 2008. The success of Indonesian coal comes about from a number of factors:

Location: Indonesia is centrally placed to supply the growing economies of India and China

Quality: Indonesian coals are well suited to thermal power generation, particularly for developing countries. There are also many coal resources with a moderate to high sub-bituminous rank generally with low ash and contaminant contents

Logistics: Indonesia has an extensive network of rivers for coal transport and a readily available workforce to build infrastructure. In addition a plethora of natural harbours and jetty sites is available for port development

Extensive shallow deposits: Indonesian coal continues to be found within several Tertiary formations widespread to all the principal islands and is easily mined by shallow open pits 

Cost benefits: there are cost benefits from mining in Indonesia such as low administrative overheads, availability of land for development, good transport routes and proximity to major Asian markets for supplies and equipment as well as for sales